Today’s Featured Item

il_570xN.735175741_baocToday’s featured item is a beautiful desk caddy, featuring live edges (meaning uncut and following the natural shape of the tree) and cracks throughout the tree rings that give this piece a ton of character.  It has the feeling of having been well loved for a long time, and will comfortably hold lots of tools on your desktop.  The wood is chestnut, which is not only a very rare tree in this area, but is also part of the heartwood of the tree, showing the initial growth rings which are so beautiful!  This very old tree came to us from downtown Columbus, after it fell in a storm and had to be removed.  This hardwood is dark and rich in color, more so than most other woods we have ever worked with.   Josh originally made one of these at the request of some very good friends of ours as a gift for her husband who is a graphic designer.  They are a great use for “end cuts” of wood, that would otherwise be mulched or used for firewood.  I love when a new project can be born from something that would otherwise have had minimal value.

General Woodiness…

Hello! Josh here.  My contributions to the Shop stems from my fascination for and the usefulness of wood.  I am a self proclaimed (and many agree) wood nerd and wood geek.  A certifiable wood collector who expresses creativity and finds inspiration through the salvaging of discarded urban-cut trees.  Cutting down a tree is a mournful event, but to cut a tree down and discard it as trash is positively criminal.  A tree is way too beautiful to be discarded!  Making beautiful, heirloom quality objects that will be preserved and passed down through generations from its wood is a tribute to the tree itself as much as it is a tribute to the maker.  And so, here I am:  A yard full of wood, a few chainsaws, and a humble sawmill; a workshop full of tools and sawdust; and, a (soon to be full) Shop full of wonderful wooden treasures!  Have a look around and come back often!  Things will be changing rapidly as we get moved in good at our new home at  And last, but not least, let me introduce these two rascals: Annabelle and Zoey.  They keep me company when I am out in the shop and keep an eye on things when I am off gathering more wood.  They are the Wood Yard supervisors, and love to climb on woodpiles and nap in mountains of sawdust.