Today’s Featured Item – Curiosity Cloche

il_fullxfull.796135089_clfpToday’s featured item is a sweet little curiosity cloche from Josh’s workshop.  This vintage glass dome sits atop a small, lathe-turned spalted oak platform, and measures just over four inches tall.  It so sweetly holds small collections, as you can see here with our fantastical unicorn totem.  This inspiration came from a trip to a local antique and thrift store, Gina’s Junk, a while back when this darling collection of differently sized and shaped vintage glass domes caught our attention.  The fact that they are vintage glass means that they are thicker than most glass domes you might find today, and as such are heavy yet crystal clear.  To see more of this item in Josh’s Etsy shop, you can click the picture and it will direct you to the link.  Happy Winds Day!!

A Discovery of Grandmother’s Treasures

Today I will share with you an afternoon I spent unboxing some things I was given from my Grandmother’s house.  She recently moved from her home, just because it was so much work for a 90 year old lady to take care of on her own, and I have inherited a wonderful collection of things from our beloved family gathering place.  Included, but not limiting to: my Grandaddy’s hat collection and hat rack, a handmade stool, my grandmother’s bread-making pans (which, yes! I use to make bread every week), two very cool LED lanterns I gave to the kids for reading in their beds at night, a vintage lamp, and a hundred other little treasures that I can’t remember off the top of my head. IMG_8178 But today, I share with you the unveiling of her fabric and linen collection.  To a lot of folks, I am sure this stuff would just look like scraps, or too old to want to keep, or too delicate to want in a house full of (very) messy kids.  But to me, these things are treasures, in every sense of the word.  Each box I opened was a new discovery.  Stacks of jersey knits she used to make clothes from.  When my son was little and would stay with her, he would often come home with a new outfit on because he would go over there and ask her “What are you going to make for me today, Grandmomma?!”  In one box lace.  Tons of lace.  Vintage, beautiful, delicate lace, that I have never used before, but is so pretty I want to just make a curtain out of it.  In one box linens.  The nicest, softest, linens that look like they have never IMG_8210been used, but surely have been.  They were just cared for so carefully that they still look like new in the original box.  One set still had the stickers on it that said “Made in Belgium”, but when I asked her where these might have come from, she couldn’t quite recall.  Not to mention my pictures I showed her when I asked didn’t nearly do them justice.  And the list goes on and on.  I have said before, that I have a hard time using the fabric I get from her because I want it to go towards something really special.  I hope one day to honor her by making something wonderful out of all these treasured fabrics!  The vintage viewfinder rivaled all of the other fabric treasures too!  I felt like I had struck gold when I pulled those from the box!  (I have the original beige viewfinder too!)

IMG_8138      IMG_8132     IMG_8243     IMG_8195    IMG_8229(1)        IMG_8237