Upcoming Art Show: December 16th and 17th!

Please join us this weekend at our BIG OAKS POTTERY AND ART SALE in Omaha, GA!  Come out and spend the day among the big oak trees and shop from no less than SIX local artists.  We will have wood fired pottery from Carey Slay, hand-crafted outdoor musical instruments from Bond Anderson, hand-painted metal tiles from Meg Anderson, soaps from Farmington Naturals, select woodwork pieces from Josh Goodwin, and of course quilts and other fiber arts from Kari Goodwin (me).  To see more, please visit the facebook page or refer to this post for detailed directions below.  Please feel free to bring the kids to run around, play, and jump on the trampoline while you shop!  We will have a credit card reader on site and will accept all major credit cards.  Hope to see you all on the farm!

When:  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16TH and SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17TH,  10:00 am – 5:00 pm (both days!)

Where: Big Oaks Farm  – 10747 Union Pleasant Grove Rd.  Omaha, GA 31821

Phone: (706) 575 – 5667  (Please feel free to call if you need additional help finding us!)

Detailed directions can be seen on the back of this card, on the Facebook event page, and in the email that will be sent to those who subscribe to the blog.