Today’s Featured Item – Curiosity Cloche

il_fullxfull.796135089_clfpToday’s featured item is a sweet little curiosity cloche from Josh’s workshop.  This vintage glass dome sits atop a small, lathe-turned spalted oak platform, and measures just over four inches tall.  It so sweetly holds small collections, as you can see here with our fantastical unicorn totem.  This inspiration came from a trip to a local antique and thrift store, Gina’s Junk, a while back when this darling collection of differently sized and shaped vintage glass domes caught our attention.  The fact that they are vintage glass means that they are thicker than most glass domes you might find today, and as such are heavy yet crystal clear.  To see more of this item in Josh’s Etsy shop, you can click the picture and it will direct you to the link.  Happy Winds Day!!

Today’s Featured Item – Hand Carved Crystal Grid

IMG_3114We don’t make a big deal out of the holidays here at the Goodwins’.  Ok, except Christmas.  We have an “Every day is Father’s Day” or “Every day is Mother’s Day” philosophy for the most part.  IMG_1493In all honesty, Josh and I are both enjoying a day of focused work, and will probably splurge on dinner at a pizza dive with the kids to get a break from cooking dinner.  But in honor of Father’s Day, I thought I would share one of my favorites of Josh’s works.  These hand carved crystal grids are truly a labor of love.  Each circle is burned one at a time, and I love seeing the full grid come to life as he spends hours folded over the blank grid in his lap.  They come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches, and can be made from any type of wood, the most popular being oak or pecan.  The larger the grid, the more circles, the more complicated the crystal configuration becomes.  They feature circles burned into a sacred geometry pattern, where crystals are placed at the intersection of each circle to enhance the unique properties of each type of crystal, and to amplify the effects during meditation.  I chose this item to feature today, because “rocks” (as I call them) are something Josh finds a lot of joy in.  As he has shared his affinity for them with us, we have all come to love them as well.  IMG_3116Coincidentally, (is there really such a thing?) last night we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning introducing our oldest to the magical properties of rocks, minerals, and crystals…A fitting start to a great Father’s Day and the Summer’s Solstice, surrounded by rock collections, researching their effects, and sharing stones from our own personal collections with him to start his own unique collection.  I like to change my arrangement of rocks whenever I get in a “funk” and I find that the beauty of them alone is uplifting.  The crystal grids are available through Josh’s Etsy shop, and the stones come from our good friend Debby Blake Knox.  She sells the stones and does a variety of classes and workshops with them for beginners and seasoned rock collectors alike.  Click here to see her Facebook page, Moonstone Wellness, or the crystal grid photo with the stones that she took with her own grid to see her website.  Have a wonderful Solstice!