Today’s Featured Item – Slanted Rainbows Flat Sheet



This lightweight summer-time blanket features happy, slanted rainbows that were originally a watercolor painting.  I don’t know why I wanted to share this today, except maybe that my heart is full of rainbows?  HAHA that would be because all of the canning is finished (for now at least), all the laundry is done (for now at least), and I have nothing to do today but work and take the kids climbing this afternoon.  That is a good day in my book!  I dyed nearly 20 yards of fabric yesterday as well, so that task (for now at least) is also caught up.  That leaves me, my iron, my sewing machine, and a stack of projects to tackle for today.  I am about to turn the music up and get started!  IMG_8044So back to this sweet little flat sheet, or summertime blanket.  Use them to keep the sun off babies in their carriers, or to cover them up as you go in and out of stores in the summer, because lets face it…It can be 105 degrees outside, stores still keep it a cool 68 degrees, even in summer.  This is large enough to transition into the toddler years too, as a flat sheet for a toddler bed, measuring 33″ x 55″.  They are made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with low impact dyes.  I always picture using the sheet for something else when the kids graduate to a big kid bed, like a pillow case, or using it as a wall for a fort. IMG_9903 THAT is really the end game for these…Fort walls.  All you need is a couple of clothes pins and BAM!  You have a sunny, rainbow filled fort! Hahaha…Ok, I’m off to get sewing.  I hope your Monday is as bright and sunny as the day after a rain, and your heart is full of rainbows!!

Today’s Featured Item – Thin Cotton Blankies for A Georgia Summer~

I have been investing so much time into quilting lately, that a fast IMG_8040and simple project was just what I needed today!  It was a good reminder too, how refreshing it can be to change the pace sometimes and avoid getting into a creative rut of doing the same things each day.  I just got this organic thermal cotton a couple of weeks ago, and decided to try dyeing it with my last batch of muslin to see how it would hold the dye.  I was thrilled with the result!  It has such a nice weight and drape, and is SO super soft.  I never thought of using it as a backing for blankets or quilts until recently, when it came out so pretty after dyeing.  I also had some of my own designs that I had been holding onto for a while, not sure what to do with them, when I started getting restless with this thermal and really wanted to make something with it.  I liked the grey and aqua flying cats print the best and decided they needed to be paired together, but I just couldn’t shake this feeling…What would you call it?….Oh yes.  Sweat.  I am sweating all day every day.  It’s June in Georgia, and I just couldn’t go for one more thick, hot, full-blown quilt.  So what came from this 90+ degree inspiration?  These lightweight, single layer, thin cotton blankets.  The perfect solution to the summertime nights!  IMG_8002They are roughly the size of a crib quilt, measuring 33″ x 55″ and are made with a classy rolled hem out of GOTS certified organic cotton, high thread count sateen.  Once things start cooling down again, they can be used as flat sheets on a toddler bed as well, or if you are REALLY using your imagination, they can be used in your IMG_7993next amazing couch fort or to create an instant secret hideout under the table.  Easy breezy.  I added some new prints, in addition to the grey and aqua flying cats to the Etsy shop today, for fitted sheets and changing pad covers.  I would tell you how I got the idea for a flying cat fabric, but that story is for another day.  Cheers!