Is there anybody home?…

Hey everyone!!  I woke up one day from this weeks-long whirlwind of last-minute trips IMG_9414to the beach, hurried runs to the splash pad, dive tricks off the diving board, to wake up and realize that I haven’t checked in on the website for WAY too long.  Apologies!  The kids are back to school, though, so trips to the pool are fewer and farther between now, and impromptu trips to the splash pad, practically over.  At least until we can function as a family with the basics covered…Basics as in going to sleep before midnight, and waking up before the first bell rings.  We LOVE and CHERISH our freedom and lack of schedule in the summer and take every opportunity to break free of the molds whenever we can.  We are a pretty united group in our belief and practice in that philosophy.  But yes. I am here, back at home, and so excited to reconnect.  I don’t even really know where to start, so I thought I would just share IMG_9205some pictures from the last couple weeks of our summer…Especially since that is where my Mind still seems to be lodged, stubborn as ever, death gripping the wooden beach pier supports, saying “NOOOO!!!!  I am not going anywhere!”  Maybe by sharing it, I will see it finally as a thing of the past and be able to move on and accept that school has in fact begun, and it’s time to level up!  Keep in mind that everywhere I go, I take a million pictures, so just sharing a few is going to be a real challenge for me, and I have already decided that this is going to be more like an end of summer “album” that I am sharing.  As I look through all the pictures, I am reminded of how I felt at the beach, the skate rink, drawing, and a hundred times over the summerIMG_9130 with the kids.  Doing things together as a family, having those yearly traditions…or however often they occur, serve as a point of reference for just how much we have all changed and grown.  The kids are changing at warp speed these days.  This summer felt like a summer of growth for all of them.  Not so much inches on the wall, but emotional growth.  My youngest son actually did something silly a few weeks ago, and even though it was just the two of us, he said that he  IMG_0349felt so embarrassed to be acting silly.  THAT was just a crazy moment.  If you knew my youngest son, you would realize what an out-of-character thing for him to say, and yet it happens to us all a little bit over time…Until the day comes when you can decide to not care if you are being silly and embarrassing, but you are in the moment and having fun and that is so much more important.  I hope it doesn’t take my children as long to learn as it took me.  So thank you for allowing me to relive a little bit of our summer magic and to put it in its beautiful place and move on with a fresh start for this school year.  And for those of you who could care less about the last couple weeks of our summer and are only here for the crafty stuff, fear not!! These adventures with my family work as fuel to my fire and have definitely provided some much-needed fresh inspiration, so keep an eye out for some new crafty blog posts to come soon.  Much love!

Pool time!! We have been going every day after school for a cool down / pick me up. (Thank goodness for pools that stay open through September in Georgia!)

Pool time!! We have been going every day after school for a cool down / pick me up. (Thank goodness for pools that stay open through September in Georgia!)


Meeting friends at the coffee shop for some games and a mid-day pick me up after school registration. Two games at once…Very talented indeed.


Need I say more? Naked toes in the grass and cut-off shorts on a tree swing? It’s like we fell out of an old book.


How the little ones chose to spend their last breakfast of summer…Watching cartoons in the playroom and eating banana nut muffins in their pajamas. It’s such a sweet contrast to our busy, hectic school mornings rushing through a routine…That was why I wanted to get a picture I guess…


One last hurrah of summer with a day spent on the lake. Nothing like great friends, tube rides, and splashing in the lake to refresh your perspective and remind you of how much there is to be grateful for.


Did I say splashing? I meant floating.


Remember the part about perspective and being grateful? Well this was what I was talking about.


We read The Little Prince before going to see it at the Springer Theater Opera House this summer. That was probably our fanciest family outing this summer and always a wise investment.


Bonding with bismuth at Moonstone Wellness. The kids were treated to a trip to the shop so they could pick out a new stone or two for their collection.


I like to treat myself to new sandals once in a blue moon. Lucky for me, we had a Blue Moon in June!!


See! Look! It’s the Blue Moon. We went outside with our telescopes (we have one Orion scope and a small travel scope that is more kid-safe and user friendly) and were able to snap this picture with the phone. I wish I had thought to grab my pro camera, but I just wasn’t thinking about it at the time.

The kids with their scopes, and me, as ever, ruining their night vision.

The kids with their scopes, and me, as ever, ruining their night vision.


We also recharged our stones under the light of the Blue Moon!


Shenanigans at the skating rink…Not really sure what is going on here, but it looks like they were enjoying it!


(In my best Southern voice…) Ain’t no summer complete without red velvet cake!! This was actually a part of our Blue Moon gazing party as well. This was THE ugliest cake I’ve ever made. I had to piece the layers together because they all fell apart. OH WELL! It still tasted good. BTW, I never use red in my red velvet cake, so it’s more like brown velvet cake. Even better!

While we are on food, I'm just going to leave this here. Garden fresh silver queen!

While we are on food, I’m just going to leave this here. Garden fresh silver queen!

And I'll leave this here too, while I'm on a roll. Because I didn't can enough this summer and who doesn't love peach jam???

And I’ll leave this here too, while I’m on a roll. Because I didn’t can enough this summer and who doesn’t love peach jam???


Beach combing with my Mom and the kids….Ahh. Sigh no more, and farewell to a wonderful, peaceful, soulful summer.


Three generations of Carmack ladies. Tybee Island, 2015.

So yeah…That was pretty much the last couple weeks of our summer.  It was a dizzying whirlwind but it was wonderful and I will cherish every moment.  Now lets get back to the now, and this beautiful stack of blankets that are waiting for my attention today, and hoping that the kids are having a great day in school.  See you again soon!