About GCC

We are a family business, built around some pretty simple principles.

IMG_7270Quality, authenticity, creative vision, and environmental awareness.  Josh and I met in college as nerdy Biology students.  We still love being out in “the field”, but now we do it for fun as a family when we aren’t working hard fullfilling custom orders for people all over the world.  Where our road will take us we do not know, but we are going to enjoy getting there!

We started our business with one Etsy shop in 2011 called Goodwin’s Custom Crafts.  There we sold quilts (made by me) and wooden wares (made by Josh).  Then one day only a couple months later, I had the idea for this shop called The Tree House Kid…Literally one awesome day of sketches and daydreaming later, our second Etsy shop was born where we sold eco friendly adventure gear for kids.  The third shop came about when Josh wanted a shop of his own, dedicated soley to his wooden wares, and then Joshua Treeworks was born.  And now, four years after the opening of my first Etsy shop, I have opened yet another  called Folks Linen for (you guessed it!) my linen goods.

The goal of this website is to bring all of our work back under one roof, and give you a place to view, explore, and examine our items all in one place.  It seemed only fitting that since the banner “Goodwin’s Custom Crafts” was with us from the beginning, that we use that as our umbrella for all that we have become.

We craft every single thing you see in our shop with our own hands, one item at a time.  We hope you will become regular visitors at Goodwin’s Custom Crafts, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Sincerely, The Goodwins

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