A Moving Target…The story of how a quilt taught me a lesson.


Life is a process of constant edits.  Like my Grandmother always says, (who is in her 90’s and I talked to for over 30 minutes on the phone about her blooming flowers this morning!) “Just when you start to make ends meet, somebody moves the other end!”  I am constantly trying to reinvent myself, my life, my process, to be more like the pictures I see in my head.  Sometimes, that is a very messy and inconvenient thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever thought to myself after such a decision, “Man, I wish I had just left well enough alone and not done that!”  IMG_9275I like that process of reinvention because it moves me closer to my dreams.  Eventually, you have to accept where you are and what you’ve accomplished, of course, but it’s the little corrections along the way that caught my attention with this project.  I thought I was finished with this quilt yesterday.  I pulled it off the stack of projects needing attention and found a backing for it that I liked…Indigo because that is my favorite color these days, and I proceeded to put it together, pinning here and there, and thinking of how it would be quilted.  I finished pinning it and put it on my desk to begin and I thought to myself, “Wait!! THIS IS NOT FINISHED.”  I groaned inwardly to myself, because of course I wait until after I am finished with the basting it to have a stroke of inspiration.  I had already cut the batting to size, found the perfect backing, and spent almost two hours getting it to this point.  But still, something felt like it was missing.  I unpinned everything and decided that adding a big, chunky ol’ indigo border to the quilt was just what it needed.   IMG_9280I had told myself this year I wanted to make bigger quilts, and not limit myself to just crib and toddler sizes, so adding the borders was the extra step I told myself I needed to start taking more this year.  It would have been easier to just proceed with the quilt as it was, because pinning is not my favorite part of the process and it was already done, but I have learned that I am never happy with myself when I ignore those little voices.  So I unpinned, added borders, and picked a new backing material, which luckily, is the perfect fit.  So it was an edit…an erase and do-over, but I’m usually glad when I can make that happen, and now, the quilt feels finished!  Happy Saturday y’all, and always remember to go with your intuition…You will be glad you did!


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  1. I love your quilt. I hope to learn to sew myself someday. I know that it is a learning process and takes lots of time, practice, and work to get where you got. It turned out so beautiful. Love the lesson you learned. I think even we don’t accomplish something the way we have wanted the learning process along the way was so worth it.

    • Goodwin's Custom Crafts

      Absolutely!! There are so many little lessons to be learned along the way in a creative process. My sister shared a quote with my folks that hangs on their fridge still today, more than 20 years later, which says that “Of course I don’t like work, no one does. But I like what is in the work, which is the opportunity to find yourself.” I don’t know who said it, that was lost a long time ago, but I think about that when I get frustrated with work…I am really getting frustrated with myself and being called to rise above some challenge or break out of some mold that is holding me back. Thanks chica!! I appreciate you!! <3
      ps – If you ever start sewing, you will probably never stop!! It is totally addicting and my first project that got me hooked was a quilt for my daughter 10 years ago and I’ve been quilting ever since!! XO

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