Today’s Featured Item – Dragon Knight Adventure Gear by The Tree House Kid

IMG_4859Today’s featured item is a mighty costume, not for the faint hearted!  Made for one who braves life and limb in pursuit of the mighty beasts of this world who wreak havoc on innocent villagers and peasants, defenseless stuffed animals and little brothers everywhere!  Forged in the depths of my tiny sewing room…I mean, the magical cave at the end of Goodwin’s Glen, these fantastic Ecofelt body armor pieces will surely give your little ones the strength to do the most epic battling of their wee little lives!  Their great big lives!  Their magnificent, beast defying lives!  Kids are at the heart of nearly everything I do.  They have inspired me since I was a kid…sounds weird, I know, but what I mean is that I was the 13-year-old who LOVED playing dress up with my 5-year-old little sister.  The one who volunteered to be the helper at the church nursery where my Dad was a choir director when I was a kid, just to be able to play with them all and be sure everybody had a friend.  IMG_4891The one who dreamed of having my own children when I was barely a freshman in college.  I always loved the little kids, the picked on kids, the friendless kids.  Actually, take that sentence and apply it to all people.  The little people, the picked on people, the friendless people.  I like them because they are usually the kindest and bravest people you’ll meet.  There is a quote that I read once that reminds me of these people, ” A shallow river makes noise.  A deep river says nothing.”  But every now and then we the littles rise up and feel brave and proud and make some noise!  Mythical and monstrous in our own right!  Mightier than we ever dreamed, and braver than we ever knew possible.  IMG_4792Seriously, though.  I love my costume business and as things are starting to shift into high gear for The Tree House Kid, I just wanted to share some of the inspiration with you.  Inside us all is a tiny person in need of a great big voice!  Give kids a voice early enough, teach them to always use it justly, and what marvelous things could happen!  I have heard from so many customers of mine who have told me their kids want to sleep in their costumes, or never take them off, or love them dearly.  Hearing things like this from customers all over this world are a gift I could never have imagined getting back in return for what I do.  I don’t know why I followed my thoughts down the path I did tonight with the whole “I love kids and always have” thing.  I am not even entirely sure it has anything to do with The Tree House Kid and ALL the adventure gear I make there, but I just couldn’t erase the sentence once it was out.  It’s all too true.  Too raw.  (Not to mention I am 100% sure that it is in fact very related…I mean, hello?!)  And a good friend who knows blogging told me that you really can’t be honest enough.  So there you have it.  Goodnight and now back to my magical sewing cave room.

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