Today’s Featured Item – Hand Dyed Play Silks


Today’s featured item is the Hand Dyed Play Silk from The Tree House Kid, in honor of my re-opening of TTHK Etsy shop today!  These are great for imaginative play, and encouraged many different creative scenarios even in the short time that the kids played with them and I took pictures.  It was a great joy to watch!  Everything from capes to scarves to blindfolds to pirate flags, the possibilities seemed endless.  Made from super lightweight 100% silk, they billow and blow in the wind with very little effort, as if they enjoy being caught in the slightest breeze.  They are serged around the edges to prevent fraying and to enhance durability.  These are all hand dyed by us in a variety of colors.  Some are tie dyed while others are simply dyed a solid color, and perhaps my favorites are the ones that are dyed in a gradient from rich to subtle color.  The colors are soft and pastel at first glance, because the silk is so sheer, but they are actually quite vibrant.  These measure approximately 28″ x 34″ and are hand-made from start to finish.  To see them on Etsy, click this link.  Have a great day!!!IMG_0637IMG_0662


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