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I was recently asked to do an interview for an e-book, based of some product photography (see picture below).  The online interview was kind of fun, so I am posting it here first!  Aren’t you lucky!  *insert winkie face*  To visit her website and see the post visit here.

Q:   What methods, if any, do you use to promote your shop? (FB, twitter..ect)

A:   I use FB ( ) and instagram mostly. I don’t use twitter, I’ve just never “gotten” it. We also have a website of our own, where we post galleries of all our past work, and a very loosely put together blog.

Q:  Have the recent Etsy changes affected your sales at all? DSC_0092

A:  Recent Etsy changes have affected my sales and views. I feel like the rearrangement of the home page and the somewhat obscured position of the “Categories” tab has made it a little harder for people to directly browse items. It seems to hinge much more on social connectivity throughout Etsy now than it did before.

Q:  When it comes to photos, have you seen any sort of trend on what kinds of photos best sell your product?

A:  Photos? Clear, bright, bold, and no nonsense seems to work best for me. I do like to take a picture of the item “wrapped” so that folks know what to expect when it arrives in the mail.

Q:  If someone wanted to start selling their crafts today, what advice would you give them?

A:  Selling crafts online today? Be ready to invest, invest, invest! The more time you put in, the more you will get out. And be ready to be flexible with your expectations.
Q:  Do you have a website outside of Etsy? If so, do you find it useful?

A:  Yes…I am not sure how much traffic goes through the site, but we do have one. I am still very much in the “back and forth” phase of whether or not to sell items from the website, but I do see it going that way in the future as our business grows. Between my husband and I, we actually have FOUR etsy shops, so the website is a place where we can showcase all of our items under one umbrella.

Q:  Do you ever hire professional services such as photographers or advertisements?IMG_1812

A:  We have never hired professional photographers or advertisers. I have done trades before…items for photos of those items, and that was awesome! I have a Nikon D200 my Dad gave me, so I use that for most of my picture taking myself. An iphone takes a pretty decent picture as well in a pinch!

Q:  What first inspired you to make and sell crafts?

A: What first inspired me??? Restless hands and too much free time. Plus, it just sounded like a really fun and challenging thing to try.

Q:  As a marketer, I am particularly impressed with your FolksLinen shop because it is fairly new and already has 19 sales. What do you attribute this success to?

A:  Folks Linen has surprised me a little too….I think the affordable napkins, at such a friendly price point have helped with some of these first sales. I did sell these items in my other shop for a long time, but just recently made it into it’s own, independent shop. I think that was a good move for several reasons.

Q:  Do you have a “regular job” outside of Etsy?

A:  Sometimes I daydream about a “regular” job with a “regular” paycheck, where I get to gossip with co-workers about nothing in particular, then I realize that is 100% crazy, and I get back to work. Most of the time that happens when I need to get up, stretch my legs, and go for a nice walk outside.

Q:  Do you sell your products locally?

A:  I do sell my products locally on special occasions. I do not frequent weekly markets with my goods because I prefer to sell from home and keep life simple when possible, so I regard these opportunities very carefully, and almost interview the event before I decide if it is a good fit for me personally. I am selling at an event this weekend, actually. It is called Dinner on the Farm and it is a farm-to-table dinner hosted for over 200 people on this rural farm not far from where I live. I am most excited about the food and watching the kids run and play on the farm! We also do a yearly show in December with a good friend of ours who is a potter. We do the show at her country home, very informal, lots of tea, cookies, and conversations. That is my kind of show.
Q:  Do you participate in any forums or FB groups (No need to list the names) If so, do you find them helpful?

A:  I do participate in only a couple Etsy groups / forums. I also receive the Etys newsletters, and subscribe to their emails. I check them regularly, hoping to see my goods featured on some category headline, which has happened a few times over the years! But it is also just a really good way of keeping in touch with what is hot on Etsy. I don’t follow trends, but I do like to be aware of them.


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