Today’s Featured Item – Lush Cozy Cactus Quilt

IMG_2258Hey howdy hey!  Look who’s back!   Today I will share with you a fresh and brand new quilt that I JUST finished sewing this morning.  Actually, I finished it yesterday, but I just finished sewing on the little flowers today.  I have to give the credit for that sweet little embellishment, IMG_2261which in my opinion just MAKES this quilt, to Josh!  He mentioned it in passing when I was designing this quilt a few days ago and trying to find a good match for the cactus top.  I wanted to pair it with this rich sunshine golden-colored cotton for the backing, and it just wasn’t working.  He said that it would have worked great if I had drawn some little flowers on the cactus tips, which gave me the idea of adding them as embellishments to the quilt itself.  That got me to thinking about a IMG_2264whole range of fabrics that I could design that would be intended for little embellishments like that.  That is still a very new idea I am hatching, but an exciting one!  So here she is, the Lush Cozy Cactus and Red Desert Bird quilt.  I am the WORST when it comes to getting creative with names and such.  Unless it’s totally random, like this quilt *would* be named The Darla if I were so inclined to give it a name just for the sake of it.  Have a GREAT Friday and a wonderful weekend to all from me and Darla!! 🙂 IMG_2270

Today’s Featured Item – Slanted Rainbows Flat Sheet



This lightweight summer-time blanket features happy, slanted rainbows that were originally a watercolor painting.  I don’t know why I wanted to share this today, except maybe that my heart is full of rainbows?  HAHA that would be because all of the canning is finished (for now at least), all the laundry is done (for now at least), and I have nothing to do today but work and take the kids climbing this afternoon.  That is a good day in my book!  I dyed nearly 20 yards of fabric yesterday as well, so that task (for now at least) is also caught up.  That leaves me, my iron, my sewing machine, and a stack of projects to tackle for today.  I am about to turn the music up and get started!  IMG_8044So back to this sweet little flat sheet, or summertime blanket.  Use them to keep the sun off babies in their carriers, or to cover them up as you go in and out of stores in the summer, because lets face it…It can be 105 degrees outside, stores still keep it a cool 68 degrees, even in summer.  This is large enough to transition into the toddler years too, as a flat sheet for a toddler bed, measuring 33″ x 55″.  They are made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with low impact dyes.  I always picture using the sheet for something else when the kids graduate to a big kid bed, like a pillow case, or using it as a wall for a fort. IMG_9903 THAT is really the end game for these…Fort walls.  All you need is a couple of clothes pins and BAM!  You have a sunny, rainbow filled fort! Hahaha…Ok, I’m off to get sewing.  I hope your Monday is as bright and sunny as the day after a rain, and your heart is full of rainbows!!

Today’s Featured Item – Grey Wolf Mask and Tail

DSC_0427Today’s featured item is The Grey Wolf mask and tail costume giftset.  Made from your choice of ecofelt or pure merino wool felt, and available separately or as a set, it is an easily customizable gift!  Other than that, I am drawing a blank.  I am exhausted after just getting back from yesterday’s mad dash to the beach, but the show must go on and I have work to do!  I really just wanted to say Hi and Hello and Howl at the moon a little.  My kids love the animal costumes.  We research various species and very carefully choose which ones we want to make.  I usually choose the ones that are endangered, and they choose the ones that they have made up stories about, or we choose the ones that look the crazy cool like the crocodile!  They always start as a sketch in my oversized drawing notebook.  The first animal doodles I made three years ago had the animal masks with breastplates to resemble their hairy bodies, and were adorned with sashes that would hang across their chest that you could attach various patches to.  Like the Patch of Bravery, Courageousness, Loyalty, Workmanship, Tree-climbing, Deep-Hole-Digging or various life goals that kids should totally be rewarded for!  Plus I just LOVE the idea of a sash and patches.  Well, it’s three years later and while that idea hasn’t come to fruition yet, some of the animals have made an appearance.  The first round of animal masks had about 6 animals, then almost a year later I added a few more.  Now I only have a few left from my original sketches to go before I can start dreaming up some new characters!   I think I want to make a “Spirit Line” that has the animals more adorned for spirited journeys or something…Like face painted or with feathers in their hair!  To see the whole animal collection as it stands today, you can visit this link on Etsy.  I’m off to prowl for some dinner!! XO

Today’s Featured Item: Organic Pluto Pillow

IMG_8832This astrological year started a new project,  The Pillow of the Month.  Each month, two new pillows are added to the collection; that month’s zodiac symbol and its corresponding planet.  I am running a little behind, and actually need to get started on my Leo and Sun pillows really soon, but for now, the lone wolf Pluto will have to do.  There is no real birthday associated with Pluto, except for Scorpio, which historically shared both Mars and Pluto, but now is coupled primarily with Mars.  But seeing as how Pluto has been decommissioned as a planet, this pillow felt timely, considering the recent resurgence of the debate as to whether or not Pluto should be considered a planet….I for one, feel that Pluto should absolutely be considered a planet because having only eight planets in our solar system is surely unlucky!  Bring Pluto back to its former glory and give it the credit it deserves so order can be restored and we can go back to having NINE planets in our solar system!  It is already such a long way from all other planets, and can very rarely attend the Sun’s fancy tea parties.  Let’s not throw sand on the playground just because it lives so far away and is so very, very small.  As I was reminded this week at the Springer Opera House‘s showing of The Little Prince, even the smallest of planets can yield wonderful lessons and great adventures.  As it may be with Pluto.  We may never know if we turn our backs on this distant rock in our solar system….Anyway, to see the facts on this pillow, if you’ve heard enough of my childish gibber, click this very grown up link here.  I am off to go tend my Volcanoes.

Today’s Featured Item – Curiosity Cloche

il_fullxfull.796135089_clfpToday’s featured item is a sweet little curiosity cloche from Josh’s workshop.  This vintage glass dome sits atop a small, lathe-turned spalted oak platform, and measures just over four inches tall.  It so sweetly holds small collections, as you can see here with our fantastical unicorn totem.  This inspiration came from a trip to a local antique and thrift store, Gina’s Junk, a while back when this darling collection of differently sized and shaped vintage glass domes caught our attention.  The fact that they are vintage glass means that they are thicker than most glass domes you might find today, and as such are heavy yet crystal clear.  To see more of this item in Josh’s Etsy shop, you can click the picture and it will direct you to the link.  Happy Winds Day!!

Today’s Featured Item – Hand Dyed Play Silks


Today’s featured item is the Hand Dyed Play Silk from The Tree House Kid, in honor of my re-opening of TTHK Etsy shop today!  These are great for imaginative play, and encouraged many different creative scenarios even in the short time that the kids played with them and I took pictures.  It was a great joy to watch!  Everything from capes to scarves to blindfolds to pirate flags, the possibilities seemed endless.  Made from super lightweight 100% silk, they billow and blow in the wind with very little effort, as if they enjoy being caught in the slightest breeze.  They are serged around the edges to prevent fraying and to enhance durability.  These are all hand dyed by us in a variety of colors.  Some are tie dyed while others are simply dyed a solid color, and perhaps my favorites are the ones that are dyed in a gradient from rich to subtle color.  The colors are soft and pastel at first glance, because the silk is so sheer, but they are actually quite vibrant.  These measure approximately 28″ x 34″ and are hand-made from start to finish.  To see them on Etsy, click this link.  Have a great day!!!IMG_0637IMG_0662


Today’s Featured Item – Thin Cotton Blankies for A Georgia Summer~

I have been investing so much time into quilting lately, that a fast IMG_8040and simple project was just what I needed today!  It was a good reminder too, how refreshing it can be to change the pace sometimes and avoid getting into a creative rut of doing the same things each day.  I just got this organic thermal cotton a couple of weeks ago, and decided to try dyeing it with my last batch of muslin to see how it would hold the dye.  I was thrilled with the result!  It has such a nice weight and drape, and is SO super soft.  I never thought of using it as a backing for blankets or quilts until recently, when it came out so pretty after dyeing.  I also had some of my own designs that I had been holding onto for a while, not sure what to do with them, when I started getting restless with this thermal and really wanted to make something with it.  I liked the grey and aqua flying cats print the best and decided they needed to be paired together, but I just couldn’t shake this feeling…What would you call it?….Oh yes.  Sweat.  I am sweating all day every day.  It’s June in Georgia, and I just couldn’t go for one more thick, hot, full-blown quilt.  So what came from this 90+ degree inspiration?  These lightweight, single layer, thin cotton blankets.  The perfect solution to the summertime nights!  IMG_8002They are roughly the size of a crib quilt, measuring 33″ x 55″ and are made with a classy rolled hem out of GOTS certified organic cotton, high thread count sateen.  Once things start cooling down again, they can be used as flat sheets on a toddler bed as well, or if you are REALLY using your imagination, they can be used in your IMG_7993next amazing couch fort or to create an instant secret hideout under the table.  Easy breezy.  I added some new prints, in addition to the grey and aqua flying cats to the Etsy shop today, for fitted sheets and changing pad covers.  I would tell you how I got the idea for a flying cat fabric, but that story is for another day.  Cheers!

Today’s Featured Item – Hand Carved Crystal Grid

IMG_3114We don’t make a big deal out of the holidays here at the Goodwins’.  Ok, except Christmas.  We have an “Every day is Father’s Day” or “Every day is Mother’s Day” philosophy for the most part.  IMG_1493In all honesty, Josh and I are both enjoying a day of focused work, and will probably splurge on dinner at a pizza dive with the kids to get a break from cooking dinner.  But in honor of Father’s Day, I thought I would share one of my favorites of Josh’s works.  These hand carved crystal grids are truly a labor of love.  Each circle is burned one at a time, and I love seeing the full grid come to life as he spends hours folded over the blank grid in his lap.  They come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches, and can be made from any type of wood, the most popular being oak or pecan.  The larger the grid, the more circles, the more complicated the crystal configuration becomes.  They feature circles burned into a sacred geometry pattern, where crystals are placed at the intersection of each circle to enhance the unique properties of each type of crystal, and to amplify the effects during meditation.  I chose this item to feature today, because “rocks” (as I call them) are something Josh finds a lot of joy in.  As he has shared his affinity for them with us, we have all come to love them as well.  IMG_3116Coincidentally, (is there really such a thing?) last night we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning introducing our oldest to the magical properties of rocks, minerals, and crystals…A fitting start to a great Father’s Day and the Summer’s Solstice, surrounded by rock collections, researching their effects, and sharing stones from our own personal collections with him to start his own unique collection.  I like to change my arrangement of rocks whenever I get in a “funk” and I find that the beauty of them alone is uplifting.  The crystal grids are available through Josh’s Etsy shop, and the stones come from our good friend Debby Blake Knox.  She sells the stones and does a variety of classes and workshops with them for beginners and seasoned rock collectors alike.  Click here to see her Facebook page, Moonstone Wellness, or the crystal grid photo with the stones that she took with her own grid to see her website.  Have a wonderful Solstice!


Today’s Featured Item: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Quilt

il_570xN.602463201_byuyToday’s featured item is a fun and different way to expose your little ones to music.  Featuring notes from only the treble clef of the song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the notes are all correctly rendered and positioned to reflect the tune.  It is a whole cloth quilt, meaning that the top of the quilt is not pieced, but consists of one entire cut of fabric.  The back is straight black, and it has black binding as well.  I wanted the quilt to reflect the simplicity of sheet music, so I chose to only use the white and black colors on this one, although I did an Amazing Grace quilt and added colorful binding, which I preferred once I saw it as a finished project. It is 100% GOTS organic cotton, with organic cotton and bamboo batting inside.  I really enjoyed making this quilt, and can see it going in so many cool directions…For example, with someone who writes their own music and wanted to give a personalized quilt as a gift…So funky and unique!!  To see the Etsy listing, click here.

Today’s Featured Item

il_570xN.735175741_baocToday’s featured item is a beautiful desk caddy, featuring live edges (meaning uncut and following the natural shape of the tree) and cracks throughout the tree rings that give this piece a ton of character.  It has the feeling of having been well loved for a long time, and will comfortably hold lots of tools on your desktop.  The wood is chestnut, which is not only a very rare tree in this area, but is also part of the heartwood of the tree, showing the initial growth rings which are so beautiful!  This very old tree came to us from downtown Columbus, after it fell in a storm and had to be removed.  This hardwood is dark and rich in color, more so than most other woods we have ever worked with.   Josh originally made one of these at the request of some very good friends of ours as a gift for her husband who is a graphic designer.  They are a great use for “end cuts” of wood, that would otherwise be mulched or used for firewood.  I love when a new project can be born from something that would otherwise have had minimal value.