Today’s Featured Item

il_570xN.735175741_baocToday’s featured item is a beautiful desk caddy, featuring live edges (meaning uncut and following the natural shape of the tree) and cracks throughout the tree rings that give this piece a ton of character.  It has the feeling of having been well loved for a long time, and will comfortably hold lots of tools on your desktop.  The wood is chestnut, which is not only a very rare tree in this area, but is also part of the heartwood of the tree, showing the initial growth rings which are so beautiful!  This very old tree came to us from downtown Columbus, after it fell in a storm and had to be removed.  This hardwood is dark and rich in color, more so than most other woods we have ever worked with.   Josh originally made one of these at the request of some very good friends of ours as a gift for her husband who is a graphic designer.  They are a great use for “end cuts” of wood, that would otherwise be mulched or used for firewood.  I love when a new project can be born from something that would otherwise have had minimal value.

Today’s Featured Item

IMG_5186This quilt is one of my new creations of 2015.  It features hand dyed organic cotton muslin and wonky, perfectly imperfect circles.  What I love about this quilt is that I had never used circles before…Never actually sewn circles, to tell the truth.  When I imagined this quilt and drew it out in my notebook, I never thought I would have so much fun with the circles.  First, I cut out my large squares and large circles.  I cut them all into quarters, and layered the quarter circle on top of the quarter square, and then traced the circle shape onto the square and cut it out.  I actually wanted the circles to be wonky and improvisational looking, and was surprised at how uniformly it all turned out, even though I didn’t use a template or anything to trace out my circles!  Raspberry Pie, make your big debut!

Online Interview

I was recently asked to do an interview for an e-book, based of some product photography (see picture below).  The online interview was kind of fun, so I am posting it here first!  Aren’t you lucky!  *insert winkie face*  To visit her website and see the post visit here.

Q:   What methods, if any, do you use to promote your shop? (FB, twitter..ect)

A:   I use FB ( ) and instagram mostly. I don’t use twitter, I’ve just never “gotten” it. We also have a website of our own, where we post galleries of all our past work, and a very loosely put together blog.

Q:  Have the recent Etsy changes affected your sales at all? DSC_0092

A:  Recent Etsy changes have affected my sales and views. I feel like the rearrangement of the home page and the somewhat obscured position of the “Categories” tab has made it a little harder for people to directly browse items. It seems to hinge much more on social connectivity throughout Etsy now than it did before.

Q:  When it comes to photos, have you seen any sort of trend on what kinds of photos best sell your product?

A:  Photos? Clear, bright, bold, and no nonsense seems to work best for me. I do like to take a picture of the item “wrapped” so that folks know what to expect when it arrives in the mail.

Q:  If someone wanted to start selling their crafts today, what advice would you give them?

A:  Selling crafts online today? Be ready to invest, invest, invest! The more time you put in, the more you will get out. And be ready to be flexible with your expectations.
Q:  Do you have a website outside of Etsy? If so, do you find it useful?

A:  Yes…I am not sure how much traffic goes through the site, but we do have one. I am still very much in the “back and forth” phase of whether or not to sell items from the website, but I do see it going that way in the future as our business grows. Between my husband and I, we actually have FOUR etsy shops, so the website is a place where we can showcase all of our items under one umbrella.

Q:  Do you ever hire professional services such as photographers or advertisements?IMG_1812

A:  We have never hired professional photographers or advertisers. I have done trades before…items for photos of those items, and that was awesome! I have a Nikon D200 my Dad gave me, so I use that for most of my picture taking myself. An iphone takes a pretty decent picture as well in a pinch!

Q:  What first inspired you to make and sell crafts?

A: What first inspired me??? Restless hands and too much free time. Plus, it just sounded like a really fun and challenging thing to try.

Q:  As a marketer, I am particularly impressed with your FolksLinen shop because it is fairly new and already has 19 sales. What do you attribute this success to?

A:  Folks Linen has surprised me a little too….I think the affordable napkins, at such a friendly price point have helped with some of these first sales. I did sell these items in my other shop for a long time, but just recently made it into it’s own, independent shop. I think that was a good move for several reasons.

Q:  Do you have a “regular job” outside of Etsy?

A:  Sometimes I daydream about a “regular” job with a “regular” paycheck, where I get to gossip with co-workers about nothing in particular, then I realize that is 100% crazy, and I get back to work. Most of the time that happens when I need to get up, stretch my legs, and go for a nice walk outside.

Q:  Do you sell your products locally?

A:  I do sell my products locally on special occasions. I do not frequent weekly markets with my goods because I prefer to sell from home and keep life simple when possible, so I regard these opportunities very carefully, and almost interview the event before I decide if it is a good fit for me personally. I am selling at an event this weekend, actually. It is called Dinner on the Farm and it is a farm-to-table dinner hosted for over 200 people on this rural farm not far from where I live. I am most excited about the food and watching the kids run and play on the farm! We also do a yearly show in December with a good friend of ours who is a potter. We do the show at her country home, very informal, lots of tea, cookies, and conversations. That is my kind of show.
Q:  Do you participate in any forums or FB groups (No need to list the names) If so, do you find them helpful?

A:  I do participate in only a couple Etsy groups / forums. I also receive the Etys newsletters, and subscribe to their emails. I check them regularly, hoping to see my goods featured on some category headline, which has happened a few times over the years! But it is also just a really good way of keeping in touch with what is hot on Etsy. I don’t follow trends, but I do like to be aware of them.


A Discovery of Grandmother’s Treasures

Today I will share with you an afternoon I spent unboxing some things I was given from my Grandmother’s house.  She recently moved from her home, just because it was so much work for a 90 year old lady to take care of on her own, and I have inherited a wonderful collection of things from our beloved family gathering place.  Included, but not limiting to: my Grandaddy’s hat collection and hat rack, a handmade stool, my grandmother’s bread-making pans (which, yes! I use to make bread every week), two very cool LED lanterns I gave to the kids for reading in their beds at night, a vintage lamp, and a hundred other little treasures that I can’t remember off the top of my head. IMG_8178 But today, I share with you the unveiling of her fabric and linen collection.  To a lot of folks, I am sure this stuff would just look like scraps, or too old to want to keep, or too delicate to want in a house full of (very) messy kids.  But to me, these things are treasures, in every sense of the word.  Each box I opened was a new discovery.  Stacks of jersey knits she used to make clothes from.  When my son was little and would stay with her, he would often come home with a new outfit on because he would go over there and ask her “What are you going to make for me today, Grandmomma?!”  In one box lace.  Tons of lace.  Vintage, beautiful, delicate lace, that I have never used before, but is so pretty I want to just make a curtain out of it.  In one box linens.  The nicest, softest, linens that look like they have never IMG_8210been used, but surely have been.  They were just cared for so carefully that they still look like new in the original box.  One set still had the stickers on it that said “Made in Belgium”, but when I asked her where these might have come from, she couldn’t quite recall.  Not to mention my pictures I showed her when I asked didn’t nearly do them justice.  And the list goes on and on.  I have said before, that I have a hard time using the fabric I get from her because I want it to go towards something really special.  I hope one day to honor her by making something wonderful out of all these treasured fabrics!  The vintage viewfinder rivaled all of the other fabric treasures too!  I felt like I had struck gold when I pulled those from the box!  (I have the original beige viewfinder too!)

IMG_8138      IMG_8132     IMG_8243     IMG_8195    IMG_8229(1)        IMG_8237



The Juice Bar Date.

I am so excited about this new local business that has come to town called Juice Bar Columbus.  Let me tell you!!  I try to stay really on top of food health, except when it comes to juicing…I don’t know why this is.  Maybe the cost of a decent juicer, or the waste that it would create, and most definitely the clean up after the fact.  So here comes my confession:  I have never tried green juice!  Or carrot juice, or beet juice. You get the idea.  I have always thought that I would just rather eat the thing than vampirize it to death.  I am here to tell you that I was completely in the dark about juicing!  When I realized that the Juice Bar was opening in Columbus, I got SO excited.  Mostly because I have been getting bored of coffee, probably because I drink it so much.  I have even turned to tea numerous times a day, despite digging my heals in for years and insisting that I don’t like tea…it feels healthier than coffee in my body.  IMG_6980Especially considering that I used to get coffee that was heavy with syrups, whipped cream, and who knows what other stuff in it.  I stopped that habit last year, and switched to a local shop, Fountain City Coffee, because they were the only ones in town who offered organic milk, locally roasted coffee beans, and they even make their own syrups from scratch with the simplest ingredients.  LOVE IT!  But THEN, as it goes every now and then, I started wanting to just keep it simple and drink it at home.  Even still, there are times when I need some serious energy to power through work, usually in the afternoon…I drink coffee all morning, so by the afternoon I want something different.  Even smelling coffee brewing in the afternoon can give me headaches.  BUT I drink it even then sometimes when I am really desperate for that energy boost.  Well, midday coffee headaches no more!!  When I have the time and money to treat myself to something that will energize me in the afternoons, I am going to the Juice Bar!!  It was so delicious, and they were so generous with the samples that I was almost full before I even decided what I wanted to drink.  I settled on a mixture of Fresh Greens and We’ve Got the Beet.  It was perfect.  Not only did it give me energy, but I felt so good all day!  I wanted something to reduce inflammation, because lately it seems like everything bad in the body is somehow linked to inflammation, and they had some wonderful recommendations for that as well!  I must say, the next time I have an afternoon that is dragging by, I am going to do myself a favor, and head over to the Juice Bar.  I am curious about how many organic ingredients they use…Maybe I will ask next time I am there.   Also will be bringing my own reusable mason jar next time!!

Happy New Year!

Etsy runs this special blog series called “Quit Your Day Job” where they feature a shop who has “made it big” in the world of Etsy, and taken the leap to quit their full time day jobs to be full time makers and sellers.  WELL, Etsy hasn’t featured us in their blog, we are taking it upon ourselves to feature our own selves!!  The New Year brings a lot of exciting new changes for the Goodwins, which you might suspect at this time, means that Josh Goodwin of Goodwin’s Custom Crafts has quit his day job of ten years to be a maker and a seller full time by my side!  Well, not literally by my side, as his shop is outside and mine is inside, but you get the idea.  We are really excited, and honestly, a little nervous too about this new leap, but it just felt like the right time to give it a try.  We are young and full of energy, the kids are all really supportive and crave family time, and we have this amazing global network of shoppers who LOVE high quality, hand made stuff!  How blessed and greatful we are to be able to make this announcement.  But most of all, humbled.  Humbled by the support of our family and friends, by our fans and loyal customers, by the shear magnitude of this leap of faith in our craft.  Wish us luck, and cheers to 2015!!!   1502365_785485781477224_77523337_o

Plus Sign Quilt and My Discovery of the Red Cross Quilt Project

I wanted to make a plus sign quilt, which led me to the internet for some research.  We are flooded with images, stories, and blips that we register as cool or nostalgic.  We file it away in the back of our minds, thinking one day I will try that, or that reminds me of something I had as a child, or evokes some other nameless emotion.  So it was for me with the new rage of plus sign quilts everywhere.  It is the new symbol of gender neutral and packs a powerful stream of thoughts and emotions, but whose idea was it originally?  This was something I wanted to find out before I actually made anything with this design, as it has become increasingly important to me to be as completely original and authentic as I possibly can with everything I make.  IMG_2831So of course, I went to Wikipedia and various quilt indexes to see who made the FIRST plus sign quilt.   I found that while the notion of a “Plus Sign” Quilt might be a modern one, the symbol of the Red Cross is not even remotely new or original to anyone living today…Especially quilters.  The sign of the American Red Cross, an organization founded in 1881 by Clara Barton, is very well known and recognized as a symbol for humanitarian aide and distaster relief.  So much so that in 1917 during World War I, in an effort to raise money to help with recovery at home, a quilt campaign was established that called anyone who could make and contribute a quilt featuring the symbol of the Red Cross, to do so.  The quilts were auctioned off to the highest bidder and funds were used to help purchase ambulances and other emergency equipment.  A lot has happened since that time, and now plus signs are everywhere.  I felt pretty safe in assuming that I would not be infringing on anyone’s rights to make a quilt featuring plus signs, but the symbol reminds us that there is always growth that can happen after something traumatizing happens in our lives.  It reminds us to have hope for more and to stay strong.  My research led me to realized that the symbol is bigger than me or my creative juices, or one person out there who may have made a plus sign quilt.  It is a symbol, almost universal, to make this world a better place and to help one another.  I decided to try a simple screen print for this initial project.  I really enjoy the process of screen printing, but as with most new techniques, it still remains a bit of a mystery to me.  I printed a large, whole piece of organic cotton muslin with black water-based, non-toxic ink, and made it into a double thick playmat, measuring 60″ x 60″.  Organic hemp denim went on the back, with two layers or organic cotton and bamboo batting inside.  This project sold last year, but I want to make another one day.


Jane’s Wedding Tree – Part Two

Jane’s Wedding Tree stitch art began with a very simple drawing and picking out colors based on photographs she had provided for me.  All of these colors are organic cotton scraps from my hand dyed fabric collection.  These make the prettiest range of colors, which are rich but also soft, perfect for this project!  Next, I made the “streamers” for the tree by ruffling LOTS of little fabric strips.  Some of these strips were originally one yard long, and ended up being only 10 inches!  Putting this together involved cutting and placing the pieces where they should go to make the stitch art resemble the Wedding Tree as much as possible.  I ironed everything to keep it in place before securing it with the stitches.  Drumroll, please!  Here is the finished product!  I am really happy with the way it turned out, and I think it captures the spirit of Jane’s Wedding Tree pretty well.




And here she is again, the beautiful Jane under her wedding tree!  Congratulations on the two year mark, dear friend!!  Here’s to many, many more wonderful years!  Cheers!

Jane's Wedding Tree 3(1)


Jane’s Wedding Tree – Part One

This is my friend Jane’s wedding tree.  I love Jane.  Jane is a straightforward girl with a head full of words, and a heart full of love for kids.  Jane is a teacher.  I love Jane.  Now that my very simple tribute is over, let me say that when my friend Jane came to me and told me that she loved my stitch art so much that it gave her an idea, I couldn’t wait to hear what she had come up with.  Trees speak to us all in different ways, and this tree was a thing of beauty for Jane.  She wanted to get married beneath it’s soaring branches, and so she did.  Her sister decorated the tree with these colorful streamers, and it has since become a very special symbol of their marriage.  For their first anniversary, which is symbolized with paper, her darling husband made her a picture of the tree with tissue paper and glue.  What a lucky pair!  While touching, sweet, and oh-so-meaningful, the paper didn’t hold up so well over time.  Her second anniversary is rolling around the corner, which is symbolized with cotton.  How perfect!  I had no idea that my most favorite medium was cornerstone of second anniversary gifts, but Jane did.  And she knew what she wanted to give to her guy for their second anniversary:  A stitch art picture of their wedding tree.  Today I will make Jane’s Wedding Tree, and I am so excited to get started! 

Jane's Wedding Tree(2)

General Woodiness…

Hello! Josh here.  My contributions to the Shop stems from my fascination for and the usefulness of wood.  I am a self proclaimed (and many agree) wood nerd and wood geek.  A certifiable wood collector who expresses creativity and finds inspiration through the salvaging of discarded urban-cut trees.  Cutting down a tree is a mournful event, but to cut a tree down and discard it as trash is positively criminal.  A tree is way too beautiful to be discarded!  Making beautiful, heirloom quality objects that will be preserved and passed down through generations from its wood is a tribute to the tree itself as much as it is a tribute to the maker.  And so, here I am:  A yard full of wood, a few chainsaws, and a humble sawmill; a workshop full of tools and sawdust; and, a (soon to be full) Shop full of wonderful wooden treasures!  Have a look around and come back often!  Things will be changing rapidly as we get moved in good at our new home at  And last, but not least, let me introduce these two rascals: Annabelle and Zoey.  They keep me company when I am out in the shop and keep an eye on things when I am off gathering more wood.  They are the Wood Yard supervisors, and love to climb on woodpiles and nap in mountains of sawdust.